The Debut Tour Was Great Success

The debut tour finished with great success, so many memories from these 14 days. From Bronston hitting a deer on his Harley, to visiting Evel Knieval’s grave in Butte Montana. The number of laughs we shared we’re only rivaled by the number of miles we traveled.  But you can’t be in a bike club without riding a bike.

Evel’s grave was quite amazing, but in contrast nobody in Butte had anything good to say about him. It’s very interesting for a man to be held in such esteem by a world population and to find out that he was rather ornery.  His headstone was made when he did the Snake River jump; he didn’t think he would survive. No matter what people think about you it’s pretty awesome to have a rocket ship on your grave.

Bronston’s deer had been living his whole life up to this point. Everyday it was alive was building to this moment, as I caught it out of the corner of my eye. Bron was 50 yards ahead of me and did not see it in time as it darted in front of him and took his handlebars out.

It was a small deer but big enough to take out the front wheel and to send him skidding for a few hundred feet. He was rather unhurt except for his left thumb, which he dislocated. That meant he had to get a u-haul and transport for a few days as his thumb healed and he was unable to clutch.

We had good weather for most of the tour, a few splashes of rain but nothing serious. We did have some very hot days reaching nearly 110degrees Fahrenheit in the Nevada desert made riding a little uncomfortable. It was the hottest days on our longest days as we traveled 8 hours through Idaho and 12 hours from Twin Falls to Las Vegas, which nearly cooked us alive. It was all good fun!

Good times, Good People and lots of time to reflect on the world.

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